Get The Facts

Why do we need a new library? These are the issues with the current building…

  • Difficult access to the building; steep stairs, limited parking by ramp
  • No drive-up book return
  • HVAC system is outdated, inefficient, and expensive
  • Poor lighting in many places, stacks in particular
  • Unreliable WiFi coverage
  • limited meeting room space (reduced by 46% from 2007)
  • poor public access to electrical outlets
  • only 1 small group room (we had 4 before 2007)
  • limited seating (54% reduction since 2007)
  • shelving is too high (for almost all patrons) and too low (in particular for the elderly) to access
  • reduced collection of materials (10% of adult items in storage); for every item that comes in, one must be discarded

    Also wrong with the current building are these structural limitations:

  • The building is 3 different additions patched together (from 1965, 1984, 1995)
  • The 1965 addition is incapable of holding books
  • Load-bearing walls and pillars are immovable and awkwardly placed (due to patched together nature of building)
  • The floor-to-floor heights are below standard, limiting above ceiling space for HVAC, electrical, data, and sprinkler systems