Still Have Questions?


On July 19, the Crystal Lake City Council unanimously approved a request by the Library Board to place an Advisory Referendum question for a new 75,000 square foot Library on the ballot in November 2016. If approved, the new building will be constructed adjacent to the Library’s current site and will cost $30,100,000, which will amount to an $11 dollar a month ($132 per year) tax increase for a home with a Fair Cash Value of $200,000.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about this Advisory Referendum. Head over to for the answers. If you have questions that are not answered on this list, please contact the Library at

Where will the new Library be located?

Does the Library own the property?

Are libraries still relevant?

What work has been done to demonstrate a need for a new Library?

What are the benefits of a new Library facility for our community?

Does the proposed plan address future needs as well?

What’s the history of the current Library building?

What’s wrong with the current Library? It seems fine to me.

What options have been considered?

Why would it cost $9.1 million to repair the existing building?

What issues cannot be resolved with the $9.1 million Repair option?

What is floor to floor height about and why should I care?

What is the ballot question and what does it mean?

What is a bond referendum?

What is my tax impact?

What is the Library’s portion of the current tax bill?

What other funding options has the Library pursued?

How much money does the Library have now to put towards this project?

Have Operating Costs been taken into consideration?

How long will it take to build the proposed new Library?

What will happen to the houses and apartment buildings that are currently on the site of the proposed new Library?

Will the Library still be open during construction?

Does the proposed new Library have any options for future expansion?

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