Letter to the Editor


Letter: Willing to Pay More for Library

Published: September 14

To the Editor:

As a resident of Crystal Lake for 43 years, I hope the proposed referendum to build a new library becomes a reality. I have educated myself on the proposal, and I think it is a sound one. The existing structure is simply not big enough to meet our community’s needs. There are so many things to fix – the steep steps from the parking lot, no room for new wiring, shelf shortages, long waits for computers, etc. It makes so much more sense to tear down this old structure and build a library that will be cost-effective for many decades.

The library’s staff is outstanding; conscientious and helpful. But they need a modern facility to offer services to all generations. I also have visited neighboring communities and seen how much more up-to-date they are. If you consider property values to be important, please vote yes in November. I am a senior on a very limited income. I am willing to pay a few dollars more every month in taxes because I want Crystal Lake to keep its reputation for quality in education and quality in community values.

Deborah Wright

Crystal Lake

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