What is FOCUS?


Residents of the City of Crystal Lake had the opportunity to shape the future of the community during a series of four public input sessions on public library service within the City limits. The FOCUS (Future of Crystal Lake Library Under Study) Community Engagement sessions ran from March 10 through June 9, providing the public a chance to communicate their values related to Library service for the City of Crystal Lake.


The sessions were organized by a Facilitating Team consisting of 12 community members, two Library Board members, two Library Staff members, and the Library Director, and chaired by Loreen Keller, Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at McHenry County College, and Robert Reisenbuechler, a local educator.

The purpose of the four Community Engagement Sessions was to generate discussion related to the future of the Library.  Each session included a different presentation followed by a workshop in which residents had the opportunity to share their views about different aspects of the future of the Library.

All community residents were encouraged to attend these Community Engagement sessions. The outcome of this series of meetings was shared with the Library Board, who used the information to determine next steps in finding the most cost effective, long-term solution for our aging building.

Members of the Facilitating Team included:  Doug Carlino, Stew Cohen, Marty Eberhardt, Holly Eberle, Evette Flores, Jo Lynn Gillespie, Carol Heisler, Loreen Keller, Kathryn Martens, Linda Price-Natter, Robert Reisenbuechler, Mary Robinson, Rhienna Trevino, Tom Vaclavek, Bill Weller, and Fred Wickham.Click on the links below to view Work Activities, Verbatim Comments, Executive Summaries and Presentations from the following FOCUS (Future of Crystal Lake Under Study) Community Engagement Meetings.

Click here to view Work Activities, Verbatim Comments, Executive Summaries and Presentations from the FOCUS Community Engagement Meetings.

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