The Yes Campaign is a choice for Crystal Lake to change our community for the better by building a new library

Why do we need a new library?

Geez, $30 million is a LOT of money!


Yes, $30 million is a lot of money and we can use it one of two ways;

  1. Spend $9.1 million immediately to make necessary repairs and more money later making “band-aid” repairs, but still have a library with the limitations like those listed below.
  2. Invest in a new facility now and eliminate all of the problems and have a facility everyone can enjoy.

Which seems like a smarter choice for you?

Things wrong with the current building:

– difficult access to the building; steep stairs, limited parking by ramp

– no drive-up book return

– HVAC system is outdated, inefficient, and expensive

– poor lighting in many places, stacks in particular

– unreliable WiFi coverage

– limited meeting room space (reduced by 46% from 2007)

– poor public access to electrical outlets

– only 1 small group room (there were 4 before 2007)

– limited seating (54% reduction since 2007)

– shelving is too high (for almost all patrons) and too low (in particular for the elderly) to access

– reduced collection of materials (10% of adult items in storage); for every item that comes in, one must be discarded


Also wrong with the current building are these structural limitations:

– the building is 3 different additions patched together (from 1965, 1986, 1995)

– the 1965 addition is incapable of holding books

– load-bearing walls and pillars are immovable and awkwardly placed (due to patched together nature of building)

– the floor-to-floor heights are below standard, limiting above ceiling space for HVAC, electrical, data, and sprinkler systems


Those structural limitations prevent any kind of change, reorganizing, or innovation to the use of the current building.

It’s not just about the books! The lack of building space prevents the library from installing or offering many services other libraries take for granted.

– automated materials handling

– early literacy development area

– children’s developmental play area

– media creation rooms

– MakerSpaces (a creative area with resources for adults and kids)

– and, most of the items listed above are problems due to limited space (meeting room, small group study rooms, collection size and accessibility, seating)
From that list of problems, the $9M Repair will eliminate only the WiFi and electrical outlet problems. It will improve lighting some, and make the HVAC a little more energy efficient, but not more effective.


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